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 publiĆ© le jeudi 27 octobre 2011 | 4 comment(s)
Find in this section all the scripts written by users or myself. If you want to feed this section, send me the URL of your scripts Enable manual management Enable automatic adjustment View wines not placed and purchases with plug-consos View wines not placed without purchasing plug-consos View all wines with image View all wines without image Automatic creation of indicators Create a site 18 * 40 Create a wine and see the description Create a wine cellar with 10 Duplicate a location Delete all comments Space occupied by the locations Close cellar Merge Manufacturers and Suppliers Print the list of producers Print cellar book Print wine cards open Print all locations Initialization of the field level Compacted cellar book (option 1) Compacted cellar book (option 2) Cellar book compacted (variant 3) Compacted cellar book (option 4) Compacted cellar book (version 5) Open the control center Open all windows locations Open a cellar Automatic backup of your cellar Script comment ':-) Statistics and stock costs All wine 75 cl All categories empty "Wine"
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