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Open Cellar Home Edition - 1.2 - Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP and Vista. The free Windows wine cellar management software. Open Cellar Mobile Edition - Beta 2 (French version) - Pocket PC. The free Pocket PC wine cellar management software. Open Cellar Cross Platform - Beta 1 (French version) - Mac OSX and Linux. The free MacOS/Linux wine cellar management software. My Open Cellar Open Cellar Forums Place des vins
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Open Cellar pour Windows

Open Cellar Cross Platform is a complete and free wine cellar manager for Windows (98, 2000, XP et Vista).
It proposes an intuitive and carefully produced design, a visual location management, complete wines data sheets from purchase/consumption management up to wine tasting data . And soon, you will find many statistics and reports about your own cellar.

Furthermore, thanks to an open source conception you have the possibility to develop yourself new functions by means of extras or scripts.

In order to discover a preview of the functions included in Open Cellar Cross Platform, run your mouse over the elements here below.

Wines & dishes combination
Visual cellar view
Wines data sheets
Bottles management
Wines In & Out
Tasting data sheets
Cellar book
Location book
Sripts editor
Update center
Monitoring centre


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